Keisha Champagne is an actress, writer and producer. A Pittsburgh native and former Division 1 college athlete, Keisha discovered acting in college. However, the road  in life is rarely straight. She found success, first, with a career in sales and, then, running  a small business as co-owner of a clothing boutique. 

In 2016, Keisha returned to acting where she quickly began working professionally. She’s trained in improv at Second City's  Conservatory (Chicago) and in acting through  "The ACADEMY" at Black Box Acting (Chicago) and BGB Studios (Los Angeles). 

Keisha is known for her appearances as Virginia Cutler on NBC’s Chicago PD or on stage as Keely in the Jeff Recommended Keely and Du at Redtwist  Theatre (see reviews). She is also a writer and producer who's work focuses on telling unique stories filtered through her intersectional perspective. Her first short film PeloLove, written, produced, and starring Keisha, is just beginning its film festival journey. 

When not working, you can find her navigating the psychological minefields that are parenthood, marriage, and  the "city" suburbs.